January 24, 2023

These days, we are seeing an increased number of businesses incorporating sustainability initiatives in the workplace to minimise wastage and promote sustainability to reduce their overall impact on the environment. If you’ve been thinking of changing up your own workplace policies to some greener options, here are some solutions we suggest you consider for an eco-friendly office space. 

Choose energy-efficient lighting

Install LED motion sensor lights as an energy-efficient solution. Did you know that LED bulbs are also safer to use because they don’t contain toxic substances? 

Additionally, incorporating the use of natural light where you can is a cost-efficient option that has a positive impact on the environment and improves your employees’ well-being. 

Choose furniture made from sustainable materials

The type of furniture you choose impacts the productivity and well-being of your employees. By choosing ergonomic office chairs or desks made from sustainable materials, you can do your part to help the environment and improve employee well-being at the same time.

Set Up a Sustainable Rubbish System 

And perhaps one of the least exciting parts of your office design, although an important one, is to ensure you have an effective and sustainable rubbish system in place. This includes incorporating general waste bins, a solid recycling system and if you can, a compost bin too! 

You could even encourage employees to try to bring as little rubbish into the office as possible with the help of reusable containers, for example. These simple, yet effective suggestions will reduce your company’s carbon footprint and foster a positive workplace culture.

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