November 16, 2022

Cafes are great for socialising. A great cafe witnesses friends stirring conversations over a piping hot cup of coffee to lovers sharing hot chips and strangers falling in love serendipitously. As a cafe owner, it is important to mark your first impression right. Try to offer an exceptional customer experience from the moment your customers walk through the door. To do that, you must ensure your cafe not only has delicious food and drinks to share, but also a captivating visual space that appeals to all. 

Want your cafe to look gorgeous? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great ideas to convert your retail space into a cafe that the town loves. 

Consider an open kitchen layout

An open kitchen layout creates an inviting atmosphere for the customers who can see what goes on behind the scenes. It’s also a good way to highlight certain aspects of the decor and display the kitchen equipment that you want to emphasise. Having an open kitchen layout also reassures your guests that the food and drinks are served fresh and the staff are practicing proper hygiene expected out of them.

Use proper lighting

Lighting plays an important role to make your cafe visually appealing and engaging to your customers. Go for low-lighting fixtures that give a relaxing vibe if you want your customers to unwind, however make sure that you have adequate lighting for your staff to perform their tasks and for customers to be able to see the menu. It’s also best to lay out your cafe in a way that it gets lots of natural light and fresh air. Natural elements like that instantly uplifts the mood of your customers. 

Have a variety of seating options

Diverse seating options allow customers to do a lot more at the cafe than just catching up with friends. Having a lounge chair allows customers to unwind with a cup of coffee and their favorite book but having comfortable work desks allows them to ‘Work From the Cafe’. How about having them both? Design your cafe in a way that one corner can be dedicated for lounging and the other for hustlers to work and students to study. Mix and match the seating options to create a diverse space that allows everyone to do whatever they want to do at the cafe. 

Consider displaying artwork

Adding artwork as part of your cafe fit-out is visually pleasing for your customers. However, it’s important to carefully choose the artwork and not just place any random piece of art. You need to align your design to your brand, and it should suit the overall style and colour of your cafe. 

Hire a professional to help you out

A fit-out project is an arduous task, and you might miss out on some key aspects of your cafe fit-out especially without the help of a professional. Delta Commercial Group is one of the leading experts in constructing fitouts for over a decade. As an expert hospitality shopfitters, we understand your need for a visually engaging cafe that provides a highly functional and efficient layout both for staff and the customers.  

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