November 24, 2022

With the end of the pandemic, people have started returning to offices, but the comfort of working from home is still something everyone wants. If you’re building a new office or redoing the interiors of the old one, keep one thing in mind, make the space more casual, inviting and comfortable. Gone are the days where people wore formals and worked in a cubicle. Nowadays floating desks, bar stools, fun meeting rooms and games have become the integral part of an office space. If you want your staff to come back to work and enjoy being functional, consider these do’s and don’ts of designing an office space.  

DO Plan Ahead

One of the important things to do before starting a fit-out project is to plan ahead. This is your opportunity to think frugally and plan your project in a way that it succeeds without having to break your bank balance.  Planning gives you a chance to think about your budget  and the design you want to achieve with that money.  Consider your office space and brainstorm ideas that you want to achieve before you begin the project. Proper planning also prevents additional expenses and unwanted additions to the design which you might regret later.   

DON’T Rush The Process

It might be tempting to speed up the process of your commercial office fit out project, but it is crucial not to rush into completing a project without giving yourself enough time to consider all of your options and making sure that everything’s going according to the plan. Always keep in mind that rushing things can lead to mistakes and additional costs. 

DO Consider Getting Functional and Flexible Furniture

One of the modern office trends  is getting functional and flexible furniture for increased productivity and space saving. For instance, installing a flexible office partition can help improve teamwork as it encourages collaboration when you turn the space into an instant meeting room. Also, consider incorporating ergonomic furniture for your employee’s health and wellbeing. 

DON’T Disregard Your Brand’s Culture

Always think about how your brand’s culture fits the space you want to create for your employees. A workplace that highlights its corporate brand and culture through its design fosters harmony, shared purpose and sense of belongingness. Think about the colour schemes that reflect your brand, art pieces that celebrate diverse cultures and consistent design elements that represent who you are as an organisation.

DO Consult With Professionals

A fit-out project is an arduous task, and you might miss out on some key aspects of your commercial office fit-out without the help of a professional. Delta Commercial Group is one of the leading experts in constructing fitouts for over a decade. As experts in commercial office fitouts, we can help you optimise your office space for success.

Do you need a trustworthy and reliable office fitout company? 

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