Looking for covid fit-out solutions to prepare for the new normal?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, there are new safety protocols that businesses need to follow to work safely. This involves reviewing workspaces to make them Covid secure. There is the need to create spaces that make employees feel safe and enhances productivity. If you want to ensure that your workplace is ready for return to work and are keen to incorporate changes, the following guide will help. Read on to get an idea about how you can adapt your workplace to safe working practices.

Assess the Risk

To start with, a risk detailed risk assessment is essential to determine the areas that require change. While social distancing and the use of hand sanitiser are practices that are in place, you need to figure out what more you can do to create a secure working environment.

Office Design

Most modern offices have an open plan set-up which poses risks. Apart from the social distancing challenges, people move about freely and there are no partitions or protective screens between people. Shared spaces also pose a challenge and can be potential hotspots. Such spaces need to be redesigned to make way for social distancing or converted into workspaces. In flexible workplaces, such changes can be easily incorporated and implemented quickly.

Placing stickers and signage also offers an effective way to remind people about the distance that needs to be maintained with co-workers. Ensuring that the space is well-ventilated with plenty of fresh air offers a great way to create a healthy working environment.

Check the High-traffic Areas

Key entry points and high-traffic areas are at a higher risk and mitigation strategies need to be adopted for the same. You can consider implementing the following plans for such spaces:

  • Add prompts, signage and guidance for employees and staff to ensure that the social distancing rules are maintained
  • Add hand sanitation stations to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness
  • You can consider upgrading your space to add surfaces that are antimicrobial and easy to clean
  • Add protective screens wherever possible
  • Add floor markings and signage as means of way-finding to help visitors and staff move freely and maintain distance rules

Space Planning

In most offices, workstation sizes are small making it difficult to maintain distances. By making use of dividing clear screens or adopting the hit and miss desk locations, you can do away with this problem. Instead of confined meeting spaces, it is necessary to adopt the open plan for an informal meeting.

Expert planning of walkways is also vital to ensure that there are no bottlenecks. This can be done by following a clockwise movement and adding signage. By making way for natural ventilation and daylight, it is possible to create healthier spaces both from the physiological and psychological aspect.

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