Business organisations have witnessed a drastic shift in the way they used to work with the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19. Now it has become imperative to prioritize the health and safety of the employees. Besides following strict hygiene practices, there is a need to create new custom office layouts that boost the productivity of the staff and enable them to work safely all day long.

Here is a glimpse of new ideas being incorporated to design the ‘new normal workstations.’

Proper Space Utilisation

It can be challenging to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between the workstations if there isn’t sufficient space. Many office fit out companies in Melbourne are focusing on creating socially distanced office layouts based on the assessment of the existing office layout. Versatile delineated spaces are being considered as they create division and fully-functional alternative workstations.

Tip: Consider changing the furniture arrangements and wall removal to maximise office space.

Adopting Modern-Day Technology

Office fit out companies are leaning towards the use of modern technology to eliminate the need for touchpoints. What if the staff can enter or exit the building without punching in and they do not have to use switches to turn on/off the lights? Installing automatic doors and sensor lights are highly effective ways to ensure a COVID-free work environment for employees and visitors. This will not only remove the common touch points but will also make your workspace more agile and efficient.

Tip: Place signage to inform and remind your staff about the new changes implemented in the office.

Set Up An Open Meeting Space

How about an open meeting space instead of a closed one? The modern office fitout in Melbourne consists of open meeting rooms. Dividing screens can be installed in the room to mitigate risk. Fewer seats and tables are divided into segments, it will help employees maintain social distancing without any hassle. Use signage throughout the office to mark chairs and remind people they are not for sitting. Even if your office already has an open layout, you can continue using them. If earlier the meeting room table used to accommodate 8-10 people, keep it limited to 3 to 4 people.

Tip: Keep the meeting short and place coloured floor markers to help the employees practice social distancing.

Modify Face-To-Face Employee Interaction

The office fit out companies are recommending the use of transparent partitions between the work desks. It will work best for office areas where social distancing isn’t an option due to limited space availability. The partitions will create a barrier, but the employees will be able to communicate with each other face-to-face. The partition can also be installed in the reception area to create a protective barrier between the office staff and visitors.

Tip: Ensure the barriers match the colour scheme of your office. You can create a personalised workspace for your staff as well.

Use New Furniture And Appliances

It’s time to install adaptable furniture that is easy to clean and sanitise. Replace the old furniture with lightweight and flexible furniture. It will be easier to move and reconfigure if you need to. For the kitchen and pantry areas, you can consider installing multiple refrigerators and dishwashers for the employees. Self-cleaning surfaces are ideal for high traffic areas as they do not let dust or debris accumulate on the surface.

Tip: Upgrade your office and install touch-less technology-based equipment for the staff.

Many of the office fit out companies in Melbourne are working on implementing new fitout plans made just for COVID-19 risk management and mitigation. Identify the areas that require heavy cleaning, inspect the entire office areas and also consider the HVAC system of the building before you create a final layout plan.

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