January 11, 2023

Office spaces that effectively allow employees to be productive, focused and free of stress typically lead to higher employee satisfaction. And while there are a lot of ways to alleviate stress both within and outside of the office environment, employers should start first by designing an office that addresses basic employee needs. Here’s how you can get started.

Incorporate natural elements

Bring nature into your office through biophilic design –  one of the growing trends in the office design industry. Not only does it look great, but studies show that there’s a significant correlation between natural elements and employee satisfaction, increased creativity and enhanced workflow. As an example, plants and natural lighting are just two ways that you can achieve this to help alleviate work-related stress. The options are endless though, so feel free to get creative!

Have a dedicated space to recharge

Another trend in modern office fit out design is a break room to promote work-life balance. It’s the perfect space for employees to eat, relax, stretch, meditate or take a short nap.  

Add comfortable furniture

Sedentary work such as sitting for long periods of time increases stress on the body which in turn negatively impacts productivity. Prioritise your employees’ wellness by providing cushioned chairs and standing desks! 

Looking for a reliable fitout company to create dynamic spaces? 

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