June 6, 2023

Instagram is a powerful social media platform to promote anything and everything. Most people scroll through social media to search for the most recommended travel destinations and super glam restaurants to in-trend dress, jewellery, food and much more. 

If you want to turn your restaurant into a social media sensation, consider the services of Delta Commercial Group. We specialise in restaurant fitouts and can create a visually stunning space that is perfect for Instagrammable moments.

Concept and Branding

Concept and branding are vital factors in making your restaurant Instagram-worthy. They ensure consistency in your restaurant’s visual identity, from decor to menu design, making it instantly recognisable and memorable! A strong concept and branding set you apart from the competition, capturing the attention of Instagram users seeking unique dining experiences. 

Interior Design

Interior design sets the stage for captivating visual content on Instagram. The ambience, decor and overall aesthetic of a restaurant can create a visually stunning backdrop for photos and videos. Thoughtfully designed spaces with unique elements, such as eye-catching lighting fixtures, stylish furniture, or  a themed wall art provide Instagram users with visually appealing content to share with their followers and further boost your restaurant’s online presence.

Food and Beverage Presentation

How many times have you seen your friend’s food stories and wondered, where can I find that dish that looks absolutely delicious in its pictures?

Such food stories can bring more people to your restaurant. The presentation of your food and beverages is another crucial aspect of making your restaurant Instagram-worthy. When your dishes are creatively and thoughtfully presented, they become visually enticing. Artfully arranged plates, vibrant colours, and appealing garnishes make the dining experience more attractive and shareable. This will make your restaurant a must-visit place for food enthusiasts who are active on Instagram.

Delta Commercial Group can help you develop a captivating space that will help your restaurant shine on Instagram and attract a wider audience. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help!

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