December 7, 2022

Work environment plays a vital role when it comes to employee satisfaction. Everyone loves to come to a work space that is healthy, enjoyable and has all the convenience needed for functioning productively. 

Recent studies show that employees are more satisfied when their basic needs are met. For instance, an office space that incorporates ergonomic and flexible design, convenient equipment and airy and well lit interior is more likely to have satisfied employees than offices that don’t have the above.

Here are some tips on creating office-fit outs that increase productivity. 

Choose Agile and Flexible Design 

‘I like to sit in one spot for hours’ says no one ever. Everyone likes flexibility. An agile workspace incorporates new technology, non-assigned sitting model, dedicated brainstorming area as well as flexible meeting rooms for comfort and convenience. Having one large open space equipped with multi-functional furniture maximises the space and promotes collaborations. 

Add comfortable and functional furniture

Ergonomic and comfortable furniture enhance employee wellness. Providing cushioned chairs and standing desks helps improve their posture and curb back and head pain that usually affects employees who work 9 to 5. Investing in comfortable furniture and right tools & equipment will boost your workspace productivity. 

Enhance break rooms to promote wellness and balance

A break room is not only a place for coffee and snacks. You can amplify your break room by adding other perks such as a gaming area, exercise equipment, a mini library or a napping pod. This will help your employees achieve work-life balance inside the office. 

Ignite productivity by adding natural elements 

Studies show that there’s a correlation between natural light and employee satisfaction. Employees who are exposed to natural light get quality sleep which leads to work satisfaction and productivity. Making your office environmentally friendly is a good way to increase your green credentials. 

Looking for a reliable fitout company to create dynamic spaces? 

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