October 28, 2022

As an employer, when it comes to finding ways to boost employee productivity, the first solution we often think of involves employing project management tools or automation systems to improve time management. However, according to recent studies, the actual office fitout itself is far more important. Here are some office fitout tips you should consider to provide your staff with a functional workspace to ignite their productivity.

Declutter and create more space for movement

You can’t go wrong with a well-managed, open space to declutter the minds of your employees. Open work spaces increase efficiency and focus in the business; they not only help to make people feel less stressed and confined mentally, but they also allow people to seamlessly move through the space quicker and more effectively. They’re also fantastic to promote collaborative working and a more inclusive workplace. At Delta Commercial Group we can help you design a workspace layout that is spacious and impeccably styled to ensure that your employees will remain productive and contribute positively to your business.

Incorporate natural lighting

Natural lighting reduces tiredness, headaches, eye strains and improves the overall mood of your employees. Incorporating bright spaces in your office fitout, for example open windows and sunlight that allow workers to see outdoors promotes a welcoming and calm environment. This will no doubt help to enhance your employees’ wellbeing and in turn, their work performance. 

Designate areas that promote work-life balance 

Have you heard of the 50:10 productivity timer? For every 50 minutes of time spent focusing on a task, it’s suggested that employees also allow themselves a 10 minute break. This concept aims to prevent burn-out, reduce distractions and ultimately increase productivity. In line with this, it’s really important to incorporate areas like outdoor dining areas, kitchens and employee lounge spaces to give employees the area to take that time away from their desk and reset for the next task at hand. 

Incorporate functional furniture 

Ergonomic and functional furniture plays a pivotal role in the success and wellbeing of your employees. Not only does it provide comfort, but it also increases the level of productivity. For example, a flexible office partition promotes teamwork and collaboration. In addition, functional office furniture, such as ergonomic chairs or adjustable desks, minimises discomfort to improve employee wellness.

Want to fit out your office to create dynamic spaces? 

At Delta Commercial Group, we provide complete office fitout services to design inspiring spaces. As an established office fit-out company, we are well-positioned to cater to all your requirements. 

Connect with us and we will be happy to create a workplace that you will be proud of.