June 30, 2022

Okami is a Japanese restaurant franchise that offers an affordable all-you-can-eat menu. One of the best features of this restaurant is that guests have a unique dining experience in an innovative atmosphere. It opened in 2013 and today, it has expanded to over 42 restaurants across Australia.

Okami has worked with Delta Commercial Group, a trusted company for over a decade in delivering exceptional construction and fit-out services in Melbourne, on a number of occasions. We have a proven track record when it comes to delivering projects on time and on budget, optimising any space with purposeful design with tasteful decors, infusing energy and good vibes. 

In any food franchise fitout, atmosphere and consistency with the overall look of the restaurant are critical. Delta Commercial understands this, that’s why Okami partnered with them again for another fit-out project for their Williamstown branch in Victoria.

It took 10 weeks to complete the project, with a dynamic group of architects, engineers, service consultants and a construction build team onboard. During the planning stage, they made sure to be mindful of the existing structure ensuring structural integrity when installing new services and fixtures. What made the Okami Williamstown branch unique is the location and existing front facade when introducing the Japanese dine-in experience. 

One of the challenges the team encountered was working within a heritage building, as this building was the original Victorian parliament house. However, it all turned out exceptionally well and Delta Commercial Group was able to deliver and meet the requirements and specifications for every detail and finish.

Make your dream restaurant fit-out a reality today.

We at Delta Commercial Group are here to provide exceptional service and guide you confidently through each process of restaurant fitouts. Our team of seasoned tradesmen, project managers, architects and construction professionals will do our best to make your dream fit-out a reality.

We also handle medical fitouts and commercial office fitouts as well as fitouts and refurbishments for various commercial spaces like gyms. 

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