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Shop Fitouts: 20 Years of Industry Leadership and Seamless Project Management

With over 20 years of dedicated service in the shop fitouts industry, our seasoned team brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight to every project we undertake.

Our extensive experience spans a diverse range of shop fitouts, allowing us to navigate complexities with confidence and deliver exceptional results that exceed client expectations. Throughout the years, we have honed our craft, refined our processes, and built enduring relationships, solidifying our reputation as trusted leaders in the shop fitouts industry.

Integrated Project Management Excellence: Our Professional Team Approach

Our clients will be a assigned their own personal project delivery team, comprising of a project manager, project coordinator and project estimator.

Each member brings specialized expertise to the table, collaborating seamlessly to oversee every aspect of the project lifecycle. From meticulous planning and scheduling to efficient procurement and production, our multifaceted team works in tandem to address challenges proactively, optimise resources, and maintain clear communication channels.

This integrated approach not only enhances project efficiency but also fosters client confidence, ensuring a smooth and successful project delivery from start to finish.

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Efficient In-House Fabrication: Seamless Installation Supervision

We operate with a dedicated Production Manager who efficiently oversees our in-house metal and joinery fabrication processes.

Supported by our skilled team of site carpenters and installers, this cohesive unit ensures seamless coordination and quality control from fabrication to installation.

By maintaining direct oversight and utilising our specialized team, we guarantee precision, timeliness, and superior craftsmanship throughout every stage of the project.

Empowering Efficiency: Post-Handover Guidance Package

We offer a comprehensive guidance package to clients post-handover, ensuring they have all necessary information for efficient operation.

This includes warranties, instruction manuals, and contact details for contractors, empowering clients to confidently manage and maintain their newly completed shop fitout with ease.

Detailed Operation Manuals: Comprehensive manuals for all installed systems and equipment, ensuring clients understand how to operate and maintain every aspect of their new space.

Maintenance Schedules: Customized maintenance schedules tailored to the specific requirements of the fitout, helping clients keep their shop in top condition.

Warranties and Guarantees: Clear documentation of all warranties and guarantees, giving clients peace of mind and easy access to support if needed.

Contractor Contact List: A list of all contractors and service providers involved in the project, enabling clients to quickly reach out for any follow-up services or questions.

Emergency Support Information: Guidance on how to handle emergencies related to the shop fitout, including quick access to essential contacts and procedures.

Ongoing Support: Continued access to our team for any questions or additional support needed post-handover, ensuring clients feel supported and confident in their new space.

Enduring Support: Our 360 Aftercare Commitment

We provide comprehensive support throughout the lifetime of your project with our 360 aftercare service.

From initial concept to long-term maintenance, our team remains readily available to address any inquiries, offer guidance, and provide assistance whenever needed.

With our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we ensure that your project continues to thrive well beyond its completion, delivering lasting value and peace of mind.

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