The ongoing global pandemic COVID-19 has created a gap between the brands and consumers. It has become more essential than ever to develop new and innovative retail fitouts that offers exceptional shopping experience to the visitors.

As a retail shop owner, you must look for ways to expand and reinvent your retail space to accommodate the needs of your customers. According to the fitout designers, the store layouts now primarily focus on enhancing the safety of employees and visitors.

In this blog, you’re going to read about the top 5 retail shopfitting trends of 2021 used for giving the perfect makeover to the retail stores.

Tell A Story

The latest retail fitouts of Melbourne tell the brand’s origin story. To create a good impression on customers, companies need to be direct with them. The fitouts shows that the brands are not just selling products and services. It’s all about magnifying the customer experience, which is done by highlighting the brand’s values and ethics that will stick with the visitors. For instance, separate sections are created in the store according to the target audience’s demographics and interests.

Tip: Allow your customers to talk engage with your brand through social media and hashtags. Use posters or wall arts and to convey information about your social media handles.

Create More Space

The retail shopfitters in Melbourne are creating the fitout designs while keeping social distancing in mind. Shelves and racks are placed at an appropriate distance, it will allow the visitors to roam around without bumping into each other. The minimalistic retail interiors significantly eliminate the need of having unnecessary elements. A more refined space is created as the furniture pieces are not cramping up space.

Tip: Include new signage that helps the visitors navigate through the store easily.

Product Interaction

While online shopping is still dominating in some places, you can up your game by providing an interactive shopping experience to the customers. It is all about the experience customers have while they are shopping inside the store. One-way aisles and glass barriers can be installed to encourage social distancing. For instance, the retail fitouts are allowing the visitors to check out the products whether it is a clothing item or accessories but with safety precautions.

Tip: Let your audience know all about the safety measures and precautions your team is taking through an audio-visual medium.

Exclusive Point of Purchase

As we discussed the need to create more space in the above points, limited point of purchases is now a part of retail fitouts of Melbourne. Stocking the shelves with all the product at once may look cluttered and confuse the shoppers. The angular floor plans can help make the store appear spacious and well-organised. The shop owners now prefer to display less inventory of higher value in standalone cases.

Tip: Display a banner or pop-up ad that informs the visitors inside and around your store about the latest discounts offered by your brand.

Integration Of Flexibility

The retail fitouts are flexible in terms of fixtures and fittings. The flexible fitouts will allow you to present different products and experiment with extra space. Portable displays are used for a wide range of applications. Stores are also experimenting with their window displays. It enables them to display their store in a particular theme and launch new products and services. An essential part of flexible designs is comfort- The correct colour temperature can create a warm or cold environment; it also affects the appearance of the products.

Tip: Make use of natural lighting and sustainability to create a positive impression on your customers.

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