February 20, 2023

Customers love a dinner place that has a stunning ambience, excellent food and satisfactory service. Good food and bad ambience will limit your dine-in customers and make your place ideal for only takeaway orders. So, it is important to build a cafe or a restaurant that ticks all boxes. 

Check out the latest hospitality design trends that are dominating in 2023. 

Aesthetics that are ‘Instagram’ worthy

Creating an “Instagrammable” or “TikTok” friendly ambience is still one of the best ways for small businesses and boutique hotels to attract millennials and Gen Z clients. Choosing snap-worthy restaurant fitouts will provide free advertising on Insta feeds. The best way to renovate your restaurant is to focus on a design that resonates with your food and your values. While creating a unique ambience is important to your business, not letting go of your brand identity is even more important.  

Warm and Welcoming Interior 

Choosing an interior that includes a warm colour palette and allows a lot of sunshine to beam through the window is more welcome than an interior that’s dark and gloomy.

Having areas in your restaurant that cater to certain moods can dramatically improve customer retention. For instance, a combination of couch and chair sitting is both informal and inviting. If your target audience is young couples, having semi-enclosed booths for date nights is also a good idea.

Nature-inspired design

When it comes to fitout trends, many restaurants are spending their year’s budget on modernising their place to suit the comfort of their workers and customers. Incorporating natural lights, biophilic design and unique textures for your walls and floors create a long-lasting impression on people. 

We can create an interior that looks stunning and lasts long. If you are looking for a reliable fitout company to handle your renovation needs, come to Delta Commercial Group! We can manage every aspect of the fit-out service,even the finer details to deliver an outcome that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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